Tobias Lear to Thomas Jefferson, 20 May 1793

From Tobias Lear

T. Lear has the honor, by the President's command, to return to the Secretary of State the following letters &ca. which were laid before the President on Saturday the 18th. currt.

A Letter from Mr. Short of the 6th. of March.

Copy of Letters to and from the Governor of St. Augustine.

Copy of treaties between the Spaniards and several of the Indian Nations.

Copy of a letter to the Minister of France—of 15th. Curt.

Translation of Mr. Genet's letter of Credence.

Do.                    of Mr. Ternant's letter of recall.

There is also enclosed a letter from Mr. Vall Travers to the President, which he wishes the Secretary of State to peruse and give thereto such an Answer as may be proper.

RC (DLC); endorsed by TJ as a letter from Washington received 20 May 1793. Enclosures (1) William Short to TJ, 6 Mch. 1793. (2) Enclosures to fourth letter of Josef de Jaudenes and Josef Ignacio de Viar to TJ, 12 May 1793. (3) Treaty of Pensacola between Spain and the Creek Indians, 1 June 1784 (see note to Viar and Jaudenes to TJ, 7 May 1793). (4) Treaty of Natchez between Spain and the Chickasaw and Choctaw Indians, 14 May 1792 (see note to first letter of Jaudenes and Viar to TJ of 12 May 1793). (5) TJ to Jean Baptiste Ternant, 15 May 1793. (6) Translation of the Letter of Credence from the Provisional Executive Council of France, 30 Dec. 1792 (enclosure to Genet to TJ, 16 May 1793). (7) Rodolph Vall-Travers to Washington, 16 Mch. 1793 (see note to Vall-Travers to TJ, 29 Mch. 1793). The letter recalling Ternant has not been found.