Tobias Lear to Thomas Jefferson, 12 August 1793, [2 January - 18 June 1793]

From Tobias Lear

By the President's Command T. Lear has the honor to transmit to the Secretary of State the Report of the Proceedings in the Executive Departmt. of Governmt. in the Territory of the U.S. North West of the Ohio, for six months, ending the 30th. of June last—which the President wishes the Secretary to examine at his leisure and report to him anything that may be found therein requiring the Agency of the President.

Tobias Lear

RC (DLC); endorsed by TJ as a letter from George Washington received on 14 Aug. 1793. Enclosure: Journal of Executive Proceedings in the Northwest Territory, 2 Jan.-18 June 1793 (MS in DNA: RG 59, NWT, in the hand of Winthrop Sargent; printed in Terr. Papers , iii, 390–411). See also Washington, Journal , 218.