Resolution of U.S. Senate, 16 March 1792

Senate Resolution

The Committee to whom was referred the message from the President of the United States of the 7th: instant with the Report of the Secretary of State accompanying the same stating the reasons for extending the negociation proposed at Madrid, to the subject of Commerce and explaining under the form of instructions to the Commissioners lately appointed to that Court the principles on which commercial arrangements with Spain might, if desired on her part, be acceded to on ours—reported.—


Resolved, two thirds of the Senators present concurring therein, that they advise and consent to the extension of the powers of the Commissioners as proposed, and that they will advise and consent to the ratification of such treaty as the said Commissioners shall enter into with the Court of Spain in conformity to those instructions.


(signed) Sam. A. Otis Secy.

PrC (DLC); in a clerk’s hand; at head of text: “Copy."