[Report of Privy Council of Great Britain relative to the U.S.], [28 January 1791]

"Three copies of TJ’s Abstract have been found: (1) MS, 24 pages, in Remsen’s hand, except for the words in caption in italics (supplied) which were interlined by TJ (MHi: AM); (2) Tr of the foregoing, which incorporates without interlineation the words supplied by TJ (DLC: Washington Papers); (3) PrC of MS, which also contains TJ’s interlined words attributing authorship to Hawkesbury (DLC: TJ Papers, 64: 11159–82). From this it would appear that TJ prepared MS for the President; that Washington, after causing Lear to retain a copy of it, sent it to Adams. There is no evidence that Washington shared it with other heads of departments. TJ, of course, kept the press copy for his own use and may have made another from MS for Madison" (from Note 131 of Editorial Note on "Commercial and Diplomatic Relations with Great Britain" (http://founders.archives.gov/documents/Jefferson/01-18-02-0113-0001; PTJ 18:283)