Notes on Treaties and Neutrality, [29-30 July 1793]

Notes on Treaties and Neutrality

Homologous1 articles of the treaties.
 17.F. Enemy vessels having made2 prizes shall have no shelter. If forced by weather, to retire as soon as possible.3
18.F. 16.D.  9.P. shipwrecked vessels shall have all friendly assistance.—P. expressly to repair.
19.F. 17.D. 18.P. ships public and of war or private and of merchants forced through stress of weather, pursuit of pirates, or enemies or any other urgent necessity permitted to provide themselves with all things needful for reparation of their ships.—P. extends this to all4 vessels.
 22.F. enemies not to fit their privateers, to sell what they have taken, or to exchange ships or merchandize.
  22.D. 19.P. salvo of art. 9. 10. 17. 22. of treaty with France.—P. salvo of 17th.

‘but it is not meant that these rules shall contravene, as of right they cannot, the provisions of the treaties of the US, and particularly the 17th. 18th. 19th. and 22d. articles of that with France, the 16th. 17th. and 22d. of that with the UN. and the 9th. 18th. and 19th. of that with Prussia.’

MS (DLC: TJ Papers, 91: 15616); entirely in TJ's hand; undated, but probably set down on 29 or 30 July 1793, with summary statement written on latter date and one word of the heading added at a later date (see note 1 below). MS (DLC: Alexander Hamilton Papers); entirely in TJ's hand; undated; consists of final summary statement only.

  1. Word interlined in a different ink at a later date in place of “Commensurate.”
  2. Preceding two words interlined in place of “with their.”
  3. Sentence added.
  4. TJ here canceled “articles.”