Notes on Stockholders in Congress, 23 March 1793

Notes on Stockholders in Congress

Mar. 23. 1793. The following list of paper-men is communicated to me by Mr. Beckley.

* Gilman. S.H.
† * Gerry. S.H.
* Ames S.H.
* Goodhue S.H.
  Bourne. R.I. suspected only.
* Trumbul. S.H.
* Wadsworth. S.H.
* Hillhouse. S.H.
  Learned. S.H.
  Laurence S.H. & Director
Boudinot. S.H.
* Dayton. S.H.
* Fitzsimmons. S.H. & Director
* D. Heister. S.H.
  Murray S.H.
† * Williamson S.H.
  Smith S.H. & Director. for himself & his proxies his vote is near 1/5 of the whole1
* Cabot. S.H. & Director      
* Sherman S.H.      
  Elsworth. qu.        
* King. S.H. & Director   H. Reprs. Senate
  Dickinson.   Stockholders 162 5
* Morris. S.H.   other paper 3 2
* Johnson.     19 73
* Izard S.H.    suspected 2 1

*  these are known to Beckley

†  these avowed it in presence of Th: J.

MS (DLC); entirely in TJ's hand; written with Notes on the Giles Resolutions, 2 Mch. (Entry 393), and Notes on Stockholders in Congress, 25 Mch. 1793 (Entry 390), on the other side of a sheet bearing Notes on the Reception of Edmund Charles Genet, 30 Mch. (Entry 394), and Notes on Alexander Hamilton and the Bank of the United States, 31 Mch. 1793 (Entry 395).

  1. Below this line TJ erased one line of text so completely as to obliterate it and partially remove the surface of the paper. The obliterated line, which evidently contained the name of another congressman and a comment about him, must have been effaced after TJ calculated a total of twenty-nine such members in the tabulation below. This erasure may be related to a similarly thorough cancellation TJ made in Notes on the Giles Resolutions, 2 Mch. 1793.
  2. Number written over what appears to be “21,” erased.
  3. This line interlined.