Notes on the Reynolds Affair, 17 December 1792

Notes on the Reynolds Affair

Dec. 17. the affair of Reynolds & his wife.—Clingham Muhlenb’s clerk.
  testibus F. A. Muhl. Monroe. Venable.—also Wolcott et <forsan> Wadsworth.
  known1 to J.M. E.R. Beckley & Webb.
  <Reynolds was speculating agent in the speculns of Govt. arrearages. He was furnished by Duer with a list of the claims of arrearages due to the Virga. & Carola. lines & bought them up, against which the Resolns of Congress of June 4 1790 were levelled. Hamilton2 advised the President to give his negative to those resolns.>

MS (DLC); partially dated; entirely in TJ's hand; last paragraph heavily lined out in a series of discrete cancellations by TJ at a later date and tentatively reconstructed by the Editors (see MS illustrated in Vol. 18: xxxviii); text printed literally; written on same sheet as Notes of a Conversation with George Washington, 13 Dec. 1792, Notes on the French Revolution, 15 Jan. 1793, and Notes on John Adams and the French Revolution, 16 Jan. 1793.

  1. Word written over an erased and illegible word.
  2. This word the most heavily canceled of all.