Notes on the French Revolution, 15 January 1793

Notes on the French Revolution

1793. Jan. 15. M. Blacon, member from Dauphiné, of the 1st. National assembly of France is now1 here. He was one of those who met at my house in Paris when the Monarchical patriots (afterwards called Feuillants) and the Republican patriots (afterwards called Jacobins) were2 about to form a schism. At a dinner at Mr. Hammond's to-day he recalls to my mind the names of all the members of both parties who met, to wit, la Fayette, Duport, Barnave, Alexr. La Meth, Blacon, Mounier, Maubourg, and Dagout. The result of that conference was that they made mutual sacrifices of opinion, and prevented the schism. The Republicans gave up their opposition to a king, the Monocrats theirs to a single branch of legislature.

MS (DLC); entirely in TJ's hand; written on same sheet as Notes of a Conversation with George Washington, 13 Dec. 1792, Notes of a Conversation with George Hammond, 17 Dec. 1792, and Notes on John Adams and the French Revolution, 16 Jan. 1793.

  1. Word interlined.
  2. Word written over “agreed.”