Notes of Cabinet Meeting on Indian Affairs, 10 December 1792

Notes of Cabinet Meeting on Indian Affairs

1792. Dec. 10. Present A.H. Genl. Knox, E.R. and T.J. at the President's. [It] was agreed to reject meeting the Indians at the proposed treaty, rather than admit a mediation by Gr. Br. but to admit the presence of Govr. Simcoe, not as a party, if that was insisted on, and that I should make1 a verbal communication to Mr. Hammond in substance as on the back hereof, which I previously read to the President.

MS (DLC); torn; entirely in TJ's hand; written with “Anas” entries for 12 and 17 Dec. 1792 on the other side of a sheet containing Notes for a Conversation with George Hammond, [ca. 10 Dec. 1792].

  1. Word interlined in place of “have.”