Notes of Cabinet Decisions, 6 August 1793

Notes of Cabinet Decisions

Aug. 6. The President concurs with Ham. and Kn. in notifying Mr. Hammond what we propose to do as to restitution of the prizes made by the Citoyen Genet &c. or compensation, because says he if you notify it to1 the party to whom it will give displeasure, we should do it to that also which will feel satisfaction from it.

He said he should have been for calling Congress himself, but he found the other gentlemen were against it.

MS (DLC); partially dated; written entirely in TJ's hand on the fourth side of two sheets containing Notes of Cabinet Meetings on Neutrality, 29 and 30 July 1793 (Entries 528 and 529), Notes of Cabinet Meetings on Edmond Charles Genet, 1 and 2 Aug. 1793 (Entries 530.1 and 530.2), and Notes of Cabinet Meeting on Neutrality, 3 Aug. 1793 (Entry 530.3).

  1. TJ here canceled “Genet, you.”