Note of Agenda to Reduce the Government to True Principles, [ca. 11 July 1792]

Note of Agenda to Reduce the Government to True Principles


committee to count money in treasury

1.   divide the treasury department
2.   abolish the bank
4    repeal the Excise law2 & let states raise the money.
5.   lower impost
3.   treasurer to pay and recieve cash not bills.
qu? repeal irredeemable quality and borrow at 4. pr. cent
qu 6.   exclude paper holders
  condemn report of manufactures

[On verso:]

senators revoke at will

paper men excluded

MS (DLC: TJ Papers, 233: 41775); entirely in TJ's hand; undated; consists of a small scrap written on both sides in shorthand except for the en clair heading, two queries, and decipherment of seven lines and part of another, all added by TJ on recto at a later date (see illustration); later archival notation on verso—“From Series 4. Vol 2.”—suggests the MS was once part of “Anas”; text printed literally. Passages undeciphered by TJ have been deciphered by Lucia C. Stanton, Director of Research at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation, using Thomas Shelton's Tachy-Graphy. The Most Exact and Compendious Methode of Short and Swift Writing That Hath Ever Yet Been Published by Any (London, 1646). See Sowerby, No. 1127. Words thus supplied have been reproduced in small capital letters. Two discrepancies in the shorthand arising from TJ's long disuse of the Sheltonian method—his confusion of the letter c with the letters h and f in the words “committee” and “manufactures”—have been silently corrected in the decipherment. The Editors also wish to thank Robert C. Latham of Magdalene College, Cambridge University, and Frances Macdonald of New College, Oxford University, for assistance with Shelton's shorthand system.

  1. Word written en clair.
  2. Word in TJ's decipherment but not in his shorthand.