George Washington to Thomas Jefferson, 4 January 1791

The President to the Secretary of State

The P. begs to see Mr. Jefferson before he proceeds further in the Proclamation.—From a more attentive examination of some Papers, in his possession, he finds that it is in his power to ascertain the course and distance from the Court House in Alexandria to the upper and lower end of the Canal at the little Falls with as much accuracy as can be known from Common Surveying if not to Mathematical truth.

If Mr. Jefferson is not engaged with other matters the President will be at home at nine Oclock.

RC (DLC); undated, but date is established by entry in SJPL recording under 4 Jan. 1791 receipt of a letter of that date from “G. W. to Th: J. on the 10. mile square” (actually an entry by ditto for that of 2 Jan. 1791).