George Washington to Thomas Jefferson, 26 February 1792

From George Washington


I have perused the enclosed answer to your letter, to Majr. L'Enfont.—Both are returned.—A final decision thereupon must be had.—I wish it to be taken upon the best ground, and with the best advice.—Send it, I pray you, to Mr. Madison who is better acquainted with the whole of this matter than any other.—I wish also that the Attorney General may see, and become acquainted with the circumstances (I can think of no other, at this moment to call in)—and wish that all th[ree] of you would be with me at half aft[er] Eight o'clock tomorrow, if convenient, [or] at a later hour, to be named, that I may be at home and disengaged.—Yours sincerely,

Go Washington

RC (DLC); slightly mutilated; addressed: “Mr. Jefferson”; endorsed by TJ as received 27 Feb. 1792; recorded in SJPL under 26 Feb. 1792 as being “on Federal city.” The enclosed letters were TJ to L'Enfant, 22 Feb. 1792, and L'Enfant's reply of 26 Feb. 1792.