George Washington to Louis XVI, King of France, 23 January 1792

Very dear, great and good Friend and Ally.

Desiring nothing more sincerely than to cultivate and improve the friendship and harmony so happily subsisting between our Nations, and to have always the means of correspondence on such matters as may tend to advance their interests, I have made choice of Gouveneur Morris, a distinguished citizen of the United States, in whose fidelity and prudence I have the fullest confidence, to reside near you in the character of Minister plenipotentiary for the United States of America. From the experience I have had of his good conduct on other occasions, I have no doubt he will so demean himself as to merit the approbation of his Country, to conciliate your friendship towards it, and to convince you how much we desire to multiply and strengthen the bands of interest and amity which we wish may forever unite us. I beseech you therefore to give entire Credence to whatever he shall say to you on the part of the United States, and most of all when he shall assure you of our sincere friendship; of our wishes for your personal happiness, and for the lasting peace and prosperity of the French Nation: and I pray God to have you, very dear great, and good Friend and Ally, always in his holy keeping.—

Written at Philadelphia the twenty third day of January 1792.—

Your good Friend and Ally.

George Washington

By the President

Thomas Jefferson

PrC (DLC); in Henry Remsen’s hand; at foot of text: “Addressed ‘To our very dear, great and good Friend and Ally His most Christian Majesty.