George Washington to the Justices of the Supreme Court, [22 July 1793]

George Washington to the Justices of the Supreme Court


The circumstances which had induced me to ask your counsel on certain legal questions interesting to the public, exist now as they did then: but I by no means press a decision whereon you wish the advice and participation of your absent brethren. Whenever therefore their presence shall enable you to give it with more satisfaction to yourselves, I shall accept it with pleasure.2

Dft (DNA: RG 59, MLR); undated; in TJ's hand, with date, complimentary close, and names of addressees added by Tobias Lear as noted below; at foot of text in Lear's hand: “John Jay Chief Justice James Wilson James Iredell William Paterson Associate Judges of the Sup. Court of the U.S.”; endorsed by Lear. PrC (DLC); entirely in TJ's hand, with date added in ink as noted below. Enclosed in TJ to Washington, 22 July 1793.

  1. At head of text Lear added “Philada. July 23d: 1793.” At foot of text in PrC TJ added “July 22. 93.” in ink.
  2. Lear here added “With sentiments of high respect I am Gentlemen Your most Ob. St.”