Estimates of Funds Required for the Diplomatic Establishment, 1790–1791, 19 July 1790

Estimates of Funds Required for the Diplomatic Establishment,

Estimate of the expences of a Minister Plenipotentiary.
Minister Plenipotentiary. His salary 9000.
  His Outfit. Suppose it to happen once in 7. years, will average 1285.
  His Return at a Quarter’s salary, will average 321.
  Extras. viz. Gazettes, translating, printing, aids to poor American sailors, couriers and postage about 350.
  His Secretary 1350.
Estimate for a Chargé des affaires.  
Chargé des affaires. His salary 4500
  His Outfit, once in 7. years, equal to an annual sum of 643
  His Return at a Quarter’s salary, do. 161
  Extras as above 350
The Agent at the Hague. His Salary 1300.
  Extras about 100
Estimate of the annual expences of the Establishment proposed.
France. A Minister Plenipotentiary 12,306
London. Do. 12,306
Madrid. A Chargé des affaires 5,654
Lisbon. Do. 5,654
Hague. An Agent 1,400
Marocco. A Consul 1800
Presents to Foreign ministers on taking leave, @ 1000. Doll. each, more or less, according to their1 favour and time. There will be five of them. If exchanged once in 7. years, it will be annually 715
Estimate of the probable calls on our Foreign fund from July 1. 1790. when the Act for foreign intercourse passed, to July 1. 1791.
France. A Minister Plenipotentiary. His Outfit. 9000.   
  His salary, suppose it to commence Aug. 1. 8250    
    Extras 320    
    Secretary 1237.5 18,807.5
  Chargé. Suppose him to remain till Nov. 1.    
    Salary 1,500.   
    Extras 117.   
    His return, a quarter’s salary 1,125   2,742  
Madrid. A Chargé. His Salary 4,500    
    Extras 350   4,850  
Lisbon. A Chargé (or Resident) his Outfit 4,500    
  His Salary. Suppose it to commence Jan. 1. 1791. 2,250    
    Extras 175.  6,925  
London. An Agent. Suppose to commence    
  Oct. 1. @ 1350. D. Salary 1,012.5  
    Extras (@ 100. Doll. a year) 75   1,087.5
Hague. An Agent   1,400. 
Marocco. Consul   1,800  
Presents to Foreign ministers. The Dye about 500.   
    2. Medals and chains 2000    2,500  

MS (DNA: RG 59, MLR); entirely in TJ's hand; endorsed by Washington: “Diplomatic Establishm. and Estimates.” PrC (DLC); after PrC was executed, TJ wrote following at bottom of page, not on MS: “given in to the President July 19. 1790.” Tr (DNA: RG 59, SDC); also dated 19 July 1790.

  1. TJ first wrote: “… according to their grade and favour” and then altered the passage to read as above.