Estimate of the Domestic Expenses of the State Department for 1793, 18 October 1792

Estimate of the Domestic Expenses of the State Department for 1793

Estimate of the Expenses of the Department of State at home, for one Year, commencing 1. January 1793.

The Secretary of State’s salary 3,500     
One chief Clerk      do. 800     
Three Clerks       do. 1,500     
Clerk for foreign Languages do. 250    Dollrs.  
Office keeper and Messenger do.  250    6,300   
Stationary of all kinds 170     
Firewood 90     
Office rent 256.67  
A collection of the laws of the States, already
begun, to be completed to the present time,
and continued
Newspapers from the different States abt. 20
a 4 dollrs.
Gazettes from, and Gazettes sent to, am.
ministers abroad
Laws of the 2d. Session of the 2d Congress to
be published in 5 newspapers at abt. 100.
dollrs. each
for printing an edition of the same to be
distributed agreeably to Law
 700    1,851.67
whole amount of the expenses of the Depart. at home 8,151.67
Department of State Octr. 18th. 1792.   Th: Jefferson

NB. The act of the last Congress Ch.8.§4. makes it a duty, on a certain contingency, for the Secretary of state to send special messengers for the purpose therein mentioned. But as the case is not likely to happen, it is thought unnecessary to propose a provision of money for it: and the less so as Congress will be in session at the time, and will doubtless make the provision in the moment, should it be wanting.

PrC (DLC); in a clerk's hand except for signature and postscript. FC (Lb in DNA: RG 360, DL).