Arret of the King's Council of State [re whale and spermaceti oil], 28 September 1788

“The King having taken information on the success attending the Whale Fishery and the prospect of its greater prosperity within his Kingdom, and His Majesty being willing to grant a special protection to this important Fishery which has just commenced in France and which may become an abundant source of riches while at the same time it affords to the Marine a Nursery of seamen of great consequence to the service of the state: His Majesty has conceived that the prohibition of Foreign Oil would be the most beneficial encouragement that could be granted to this branch of Industry. Being willing to provide accordingly, and having heard the Report of the Sieur Lambert… the King, being present in his Council, has ordained and does ordain, that computing from the day of publishing the present Arret the introduction of Foreign Whale and Spermaceti Oils shall be prohibited throughout his dominions,” &c. (translation printed in Dipl. Corr., 1783–89, ii, 236–7). (2) Tr of TJ to Montmorin, 23 Oct. 1788. The printed copy of TJ’s Observations on the Whale-Fishery (see Document IV in the group of documents following) was omitted from this letter and sent with TJ’s dispatch to Jay of 29 Nov. 1788.

Printed copy of the arrêt of 28 Sep. 1788 (DNA: PCC, No. 87, II; accompanied by an English translation by John Pintard, which has a correction in TJ’s hand that was evidently made in 1790 or 1791; another copy of the printed text is in DLC: TJ Papers, 43: 7342–3, endorsed by TJ: “France”).