[Alexander Hamilton's Tariff], [1792-1793]

Notes on Alexander Hamilton’s Tariff for Treaty with France

10.   percent on manuf. of flax, hemp, wool, cotton, silk,TJ bracketed previous two items and labeled with “7½.” furs, or mixtures of theseMS: “ths.”
      gold, silver,TJ bracketed previous two words and labeled with “10. p.c.” copper, brass,TJ bracketed previous two words and labeled with “7½.” iron, steel, tin, pewterTJ bracketed previous two words and labeled with “7½.”
      flour, salted beef, pork & fish, & oils
      Except. bar iron, bar lead, nails, spikes, steel unwrought
      cables, cordage, yarn, twine, & pack thread.
15.   do.TJ wrote “12½” in margin. on Porcelain, glass, stone, earthen wares.TJ bracketed previous three words and labeled with “10. p.c.”
50.   do.TJ wrote “22. cts. gals. " ” in margin. on Spirits distilled from fruits
25.   do.TJ wrote 20. cts. gals. " ” in margin. on Wines
free.   in & out. grains, peas & other vegetables,
      live cattle
      pitch, tar, turpentine
      unmanufactured wood
      indigo, pot & pearl ash
      flax, hemp, cotton, silk, wool
free   out. all raw materials.
5.   out brown & clayed sugars.
gentis amicissimaeThat is, most favored nation. TJ interlined the term in place of “at discretion.”     all non enumerated articles.TJ here wrote, then erased by blotting, “on footing .”
reciprocal.     charges on vessels, cargoes, & merchts. not within scope of above articles
no bounties     on goods to be exported to country of other.
      nor on it’s own ships, or things imported in them.
no prohibns     of any article of the other.
favors to others.     to be common. on same condn.

no reduction of duty in favr. of other nations but r condns of this.

The above contains Hamilton’s tariffWord interlined in place of “ideas.” of the duties which cannot be receded from in treaty with France, spoken of in my private note of Mar. 11. 92.

MS (DLC); entirely in TJ’s hand.